Tuesday, 7 October 2014

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Before we proceed further. It is advisable to register a New dedicated email address (Gmail, Yahoo etc) to complete surveys/offers with Cash Crate and which can also be used to register for any other survey sites.

You can choose to share this email address with me by communicating it through cash crate email located at the top right hand corner of your Cash Crate main screen (See below). I will then be able to provide you with other good worthy survey sites with proof that they do pay.

So let us move on to our main subject

The next section is intended only for those residing in the US. So if you are not a US resident, I suggest you click on

Daily surveys

Or if you are US resident, read on!!!

Top surveys

Top surveys are available only to you and people who meet your demographic profile. Those will be based on the information you provided when completing your profile. So it is essential for you to complete your profile after signing up.

There are few types of surveys available within Cash Crate. Top Surveys are the highest paying one. That means when you see one available, you should jump on it right away.

These Top surveys are generally targeted to YOU, meaning you usually won't need to go through any sort of qualification process before you're allowed to take the survey and receive credit. Once you see one of these targeted surveys available (also known as Bonus Surveys), take them as soon as possible. They're often available only for a short period of time.

*Please remember to use the new dedicated email address you have just registered if you need to provide an email address

I am not a US resident myself and therefore am unable to provide much further details.Let me share this with you though:

There is a survey contest ongoing to all members of  Cash Crate starting 1st October 2014. Below is a view of the contest leaderboard.

Under the earnings column, look at how much cash the member leading the contest has made.

$128.40 over a period of ...only 7 days. Wow!

How I wish I could be a US resident to have a chance to compete...

So if you are a US resident and you have not yet signed up for Cash Crate, hesitate no more and do so now by clicking on the banner below :)

Let us move on: Click Daily Surveys